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Saturday, November 16

Cousins are Cool

I will try to write this post without crying.
Probably not possible.
I already teared up just looking at their sweet faces while
loading the pictures. Because I am smart enough to know that
one day soon these days will be gone. Dylan has quietly pulled
away from the playing yet still willing to give attention to the little ones.
Halle and Nathan!
We waited 3 years between our beach trips and we can't do that again!
Halle and Nathan will be too grown.
Does it get any better than this?
Aren't cousins the coolest?
Little friends that are somehow more than friends.
There is a common thread. A family tie.
Something so exciting about spending time with them.
All different ages!
Some with months between them.
Others spread out by years.
A different, lovely bond between each one really.
And oh, the playtime!

The playtime never ends.
Is as if they never stop pretending 'the game'.
Which ever one it is.
Superstars with back up dancers, famous people from
their favorite Nick shows, or good ol' fashion 'family'.
They're cool. They can't help it.
These two. Always together.
Something kindred about them.
If we lived in the same town, I am certain they would never be apart.
I hope when all these kids are  teens, high schoolers, college students...
that they will still be friends. Pals. Holding each other accountable.
Willing to spend weekends together.
Making family a priority.
At the beach house, every time we ALL started to go anywhere I
couldn't help but think of the movie Home Alone when the family
is counting kids, running through the airport, getting luggage.
That was us. This picture was when we were all going out for dinner.
SOME of us were ready. Notice Maddox isn't wearing shoes.
Others were getting ready. Notice the Steven Metzgar girls are not here.
And ONE kid was forgotten and left in the bathroom
by his mom who was just trying to get some good pictures of the kids!
Ah! Here we are! Everyone is accounted for.
Poor Halle. Always stuck with the
wiggly and sometimes crying baby who appears to be
scared to death of Nathan.
All of these cousins are fun.
They love each other.
They love spending time with each other.
No matter how big they get, we will always have the memories.
The memories will last forever.
So do all my pictures!


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