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Thursday, November 14

Random 10 minute post

It's quiet here.
It's never quiet here.
The babies are sleeping.
Even Tanner.
My mom, somehow got him to take a nap.
Which he never does anymore unless he is at school.
He needs naps!
He has definitely hit his 4 year old behavior mark.
He is either laughing hysterically or crying uncontrollable.
It's a little exhausting.
During the quietness, I have finished a cookie order and
pretty much been wasting good sleeping time on Facebook and such.
I ordered this dress for MerMer.
She will be so very cute in that!
I almost ordered this.
But it might be too late for this year.
So I just saved it in my pictures as something I could
copy for next year. Cute turkey shirt on sale, brown leggings,
and have my MIL sew on some ruffles and pom-poms! Works!
This is titled 10 minute post because the big kids are about to get off the bus.
They have lots to tell me and show me so I can't think and type.
Plus there is homework, snacks and Maddox owes a timeout for his
bedtime behavior last night. Really? Yes. Really. We punish our kids
for bad behavior choices. If you don't punish your kids it's because you
don't want to. Not because they don't need it.
I hear Mer on the monitor now. She's awake.
And she sounds happy. She is almost always happy.
There's the kids!
I'm off. And my battery is dying.
I'm going to make this when the after school chatter settles down.

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amanda persinger said...

That would have been so easy for me to make! You need to send me request so I will "have" to sew ; )

"Enjoy this moment,
For this moment is your life."