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Saturday, November 23

Out for dinner?

Do you take your kids out to eat?
You probably do.
I always see pictures on face book of families out to dinner.
Yeah. We don't really do that.
First of all, it's too dang expensive.
Especially! When your kids don't eat 1/2 their meal.
I am very good at only ordering a few things and splitting it
with all of them. Still...too expensive.
Then they just want to order chicken nuggets and fries???
I got that at home!
If I am paying all that money for the 'luxury' of eating out
I would rather not have kids crawling under the table, breathing
down my neck, dropping forks and food and complaining about
the straws! Geez. Is it supposed to be fun??
We never go out to eat.
The thought never enters our head during the week of school days.
Good grief, we would be out past bedtime trying to  get the check.
And what's up with that? If a family walks into a restaurant with ((4)) kids
they are not there to relax and unwind! We are hungry! Feed us and we will leave!
Once the meal is over, we are so ready to go.
On the day in the picture, we went out for lunch. Which is semi better than going out
for dinner....less crowds and kids are not so tired. Emma always wants to
go to a restaurant. The last time we were going to go out for dinner, Maddox
was crying and wanted to stay home. He didn't care if he ate or not, he just
 wanted to play outside. That particular time the traffic was so bad because
of a wreck that we were smart enough to turn around, come home, and eat
sandwiches! For us, for now. It's not happening.
We took just Mer with us the other day and ...torture.
She was standing up in the high chair, sitting on the table, waving the
forks and knives around, crying for tall breakable glasses full if ice water.
It was exhausting. I didn't get to really enjoy my food or talk to my husband.
boo! for taking kids to a restaurant.
Going out alone? Now, that's a different story!
I would like to brag on my kids (and yours) and say,
it's not always as bad as we think.
I have many times been leaving a restaurant where I feel more
tired than when I first got there when I get stopped by people that
were eating around us to tell me that my kids are so well behaved.
I am thankful for those people. And thankful for the people that
just look at us, roll their eyes and keep eating. Ha!


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