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Thursday, August 6

lovin on my kids

Here's Madd playin' with his toys. This boy can play for hours with toys. He can play by himself pretty good UNTIL as of lately, now he wants company. I love watching him pretend, zoom, and fly his toys into neverland. I wonder what he's thinking in that beautiful head of his... And here's one of emma...playing games on the computer...she loves that...

But most of all she LOVES crafts!! Her new fav. is the stained glass sun catchers. She made a whole box of 12 within 3 days! She got up extra early one morning last week and I know it was b/c when she went to bed I told her she could make that head band craft the next day. Here she is painting a sun catcher in her night gown, hair unbrushed, and I don't even think she had eaten breakfast by now.

My babies are growing up. Maddox is starting to talk alot more and in full sentences! Mark and I have been able to understand his words for awhile now, but wow! lately he is on a roll. I know no one believes me when I say the two of them never stop talking, b/c they are shy in public. But seriously they never stop talking! But you know what I love it! (99% of the time). Emma's stories and made up games are the sweetest things you've ever heard. She will be 5 before we know it. She loves reminding us that she is not 4, but 4 AND A HALF! She is so excited about growing up and me....so sad about it. Being a stay at home, some days seem that they may never end, but I never want to have regrets or let a day pass that I don't love them to pieces and make sure they know how very, very special they are! We must be so careful as moms not to damage their precious spirits or to say the harsh words that might hurt their hearts. God has been teaching me a lesson or two lately. Showing me just how lovely they are. I don't want to miss a thing! I know, I know they are still little, there is still time, but is there enough? Will it ever be enough? Can you love them too much? I think not! I want them to know without a shadow of a doubt that they are the most special, valuable, loved kids in the whole world!

Maddox is the sweetest, most thankful, little guy I have ever know. Today he did the cutest thing. He and emma were sitting on one side of the porch eating their snacks, I was on the other end of the porch reading. He says, 'Monny, sit here." and points to the little piece of chair that is left beside him. I say, 'no thanks, I 'll just sit over here." To which he gets his bowl of apple slices, climbs down and comes over to sit with me, on my lap. He then just sits there, leaning back on the baby bump and ever now and then hands me a slice of apple over his shoulder. He is so yummy! And wow where has his two years gone. He is constantly telling us thank you for everything. He say, "Thank you, monny." when I give him something, put his blanket on, help him with his shoes, and even when I change his diaper!! Now that's thankful! I love it!
Here's one more of Maddox - crashing on the couch after swimming for hours in Grandma and Papas pool.
Another fav. thing as of lately that he does is bring us a dinosaur, barbie, or race car and say, 'You be this one." LOL It's so cute. And when he asks Emma to play, and she say, "ok, Madd, I'll be this one!" Oh my heart!! Now that he is talking more they seem to be playing better together. I heard them upstairs playing doctor, and baby, and grocery store. And my heart melts again. Baby #3 is will be arriving soon and we can't wait to meet this little one!! More memories to make...more fun to have...more love to give....and recieve!

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