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Thursday, October 28

Halloween Costumes

I have always chose my kids costumes for them.
Mostly because they were too small to decide on their own
and my motto was...."What's in the dress up box?"
I don't like spending a lot of money on Halloween costumes,
because, well their just costumes.
So it was consignment, homemade, and whatever we already had.

This year I got Tanner a puppy dog costume at consignment.
So he was all set.
Emma has a Cinderella Dress in her dress up box that she hasn't
used for Halloween yet, so she was all set.
Then I saw a cute, cheap homemade robot costume in a magazine
that I thought would be good for Maddox. (And crafty for me!)

But then the other night in the car, out of the blue,
Emma says, "Mom, I want to be a ghost for Halloween."
Then Maddox says, " And I want to be a cowboy!"

Isn't that the cutest thing.
I was elated.
It was one of those moments where your kids melt your heart.
I know, I know some of you have had your kids telling you
what they want to go as for years. But not me. This was a first.
It was like I had been waiting my whole motherhood life to hear those words without knowing I was waiting.
It was just adorable.

So looks like a ghost, a cowboy, and a puppy are in our future!
I know Emma won't want her head covered up, neither do I, so do
you have any ghostly ideas without covering her head?
Should I do a cute friendly fairy ghost?
She has a left over white dance recital costume, I could use that.
What do you think?

Here's past Halloween Pictures:
cheerleader and spiderman
(I could not get my scanner to
work with my new 'puter so yes.
yes I did take a picture of a picture.)

fairy ...
princess and the frog...

 UPDATE: I began this post last week. 
 My kids have now, of course, changed
their minds again! :) Soooo...we shall
see what we end up with!

Are you adults dressing up this year?
What are some good, cheap ideas
for adult costumes?

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Kimberley said...

lol @ they changed their minds. Spencer keeps going back and forth from ghost to Thomas the Tank Engine. I have the Thomas costume already so I'm hoping that's the one he decides on in the end. Good luck, can't wait to see what they decide.

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For this moment is your life."