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Thursday, April 21

Shelfs for Tanner's room

GW has struck again.
I'm telling you, if you don't shop at GW you're missing out.
I found 3 white shelfs there last week for $3 dollars each.
This wall in Tanner's room has needed something for awhile.

Kinda boring.
I knew that.

But now it's cute.

ahhhh...much better.
2 shelfs from GW
2 frames from GW
(that's his birthdate)
and some Martha Stewart crafty frames that I got at
Big Lots over a year ago.

Makes me love his room more.

You likey?
You can read about how I painted those trees
on the wall over here.



amanda persinger said...

OMG! How cute!! and I love the framed birth date...suppa cute ;)

melissa * 320 Sycamore said...

score! awesome find...you know I love Goodwill :) LOVE the playroom and especially the ROPE~what a fabulous idea. How did you secure it up there?

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