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Tuesday, September 27

september flea market finds

Me and some friends headed to the
Nashville Flea Market last Friday.
It's an addiciton.
I must go every month.
I was armed with consignment sale cash
and a list. I wanted wooden clothespins,
food scale, and boat oar(s).
2 outta 3 ain't bad!

Wooden Clothes pins - $4.
Tin washtub - $5  (future flower pot)
The possiblities are endless with this white
wooden tray. I put in my bathroom for now.
(see how that mirror has no frame around it? that will change soon!)

Kitchen Scale - $10
Snatched it up.

Industrial wire basket.
A large deep one!!
$5! Snatched it too.
Do you love shopping the flea market?
OH! I found a few boat oars that I wanted,
but I wasn't willing to pay the price.
The one that I have, I got at a yardsale for only $1.
And I love it so it's hard to pay $15 for one!

P.S. I sold my Dr. Suess Party! Yay! and
I'm still (like forever) looking for a dresser for my
family room. AND...I am buying something big from CL.
I'll show you soon!
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Jess said...

Great finds! I haven't been to a flea market in ages.

amanda persinger said...

Love it! You really racked up that day!! It's my turn next month ; )

"Enjoy this moment,
For this moment is your life."