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Sunday, October 2

Fall Break!! and other stuff

Yay for Fall Break!
I know I was a bad blogger last week.
Let's just skip over that, mmkay? kay!

But this week AND next week we are on Fall break!
Well one week would be perfect. Two is stretching it a little for me.
We are planning on staying busy.
Today we are off to Nana's to visit with her and the rest of the gang.
The kids are super excited.
It's been way too long and there are lots of visits and stops to make.
We are only staying one night.
I am planning on scooting off alone to get a pedicure while the kids entertain granny.
Mark will have a evening here home alone and I fought off my
strong temptation to give him a to-do list. I absolutely believe that he will be here eating
dip and watching guy movies.

Some of our plans include the zoo, Adventure Science Center, picnic at the park, putt putt golf, Cheekwood, possibly Disney on Ice  and a day trip to Cool Springs! Fun Fun!

We did some flowerbed rearranging this last weekend.
Or was that 2 weeks ago. Yeah.
Anyway, it's much better now.

We took all those small burning bush shrubs from the front beds and just moved them back
here. I didn't like them in the front because they were right in front of my holly bushes. I like them much better here. That's an Althea bush that I got for the middle. I planned this bed and did most of the
digging myself. It was surprisingly not that hard. In the past, when it comes to digging, I just give up
because it's too hard.
I also planted a cherry tree in the front yard and a crepe myrtle (?) in the front bed.
Took out a big, out of place holly by the front porch and moved it around to the other
side of the house where I will add lots of Hydrangea bushes in the spring!!
One new shade tree, 2 scoops of black mulch and we are looking pretty.

Emma's last softball game was Saturday.

Fall ball went by fast.
Too fast.

However, the soccer season has just begun!
Goooo RockStars!!!

Maddox and Tanner made maps and
went treasure hunting in the woods out back.

Emma had a girls night out with Haily.
I was at the nearby table with my own 'girls'.

And last but not least.
Remember I told you I bought something big on Craigslist?

It was a piano.
I love it.
It makes me smile.
Emma has been taking lessons.
I have always wanted a piano even if no one could play it.
But if someone(s) can play it, then thats a bonus!

All the kids loved it.
Even the neighbors came in for a peak.

Okay,  that's it for me.
My battery is almost dead.
And my computer one too!
Bedtime for me.

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