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Friday, October 14

photo friday

I think this is the only I picture I took all week.
Mom was here and I always think I will get lots of blogging done when she is
but it never works out like that.
We talk too much.
Talk all day.
Talk to the kids.
Talk at night after the kids have gone to bed.
And then I'm too tired.

I finally finally finished painting the laundry room!
Finally. It's been months. Who cares? Now it's done and no one
would have known except I told all of you.  All 5 of you.

And I power washed my deck.
I am staining it this weekend.

You know how much a plantation shutter cost??
I didn't. I knew they were pricey but good grief.
Break the bank!
I want to put one in our master bath window.
I went to lowe's to check them out.
The guy tells me it will be $200-$300 for ONE.
uhhh??? what??? I said to him, "For ONE window blind?"
And he says to me, "Well, this is a shutter."
So unless you guys clue me onto some great discount place I will
be on to my next idea.
Seriously, how do people afford them for their entire house? Roll it into the house payment?

I really didn't do anything with the kids for their second week of fall break.
We did go to the mall on Wednesday where I spent way too much money
on Emma alone! I don't go to the mall much. Of course, neither do the kids.
Remember my post about the escalators?? Emma and Maddox kept saying
'this is our first mall!' hahaha.

The kids are camping out tonight with Mark.
Not me.
I do NOT like sleeping in tents.
Pop Up campers?....oh yeah.
But tents and air mattresses are not my thing.
I will snap some camping pictures for you.

Have a great weekend!!

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