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Wednesday, March 21

another beachy post

Hangin' out at the condo.

The weather has been great!
Mid 80's all week.
It rained a little yesterday evening.
I should have came out to this sunporch and
worked on my scrapbooks.
(I brought one box of stuff)
But I didn't.
I laid on the couch, ate Ben and Jerry's Chocolate Fudge Brownie
IceCream and watched a movie with my kids.
That was better.

Madd's arms got too much sun oneday,
so I bought him a swim shirt.
Burns me up to look at him in it! 

Tanner has taken many naps.
The beach and the pool wears him out.
When we come in for lunch he just gets his
blankie, climbs on the couch and sleeps.

Message in the sand for Nana.

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