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Wednesday, March 21

Happy Beach Boy

Maddox has always loved the beach.
The last time we went we noticed how happy he is here.
This week we have seen happy he is when he is here.
I thought alot about that the last couple of days.

He has so much fun here.
Maybe he's just a warm weather, play outside kid?
Maybe it's the 'beach', the ocean, the relaxed atmosphere?

Or maybe its that we are all together.
not running from this to that.
schedules and school work.

That's what it is.
Maybe it's a little of all these things.
I know that he is so happy when we are here.
And I love seeing him having a great time.
with his sister.
with his little brother.

I love that smile so much.
And this week, it's been there all week.
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amanda persinger said...

Glad your having o good time . Love all the memories your capturing. You should publish your blog into a book and be done with scrap booking ; )

"Enjoy this moment,
For this moment is your life."