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Saturday, March 3

family picture

I got this big 2x3 picture at Goodwill

It was $13.
I liked it at the time and it filled an empty space.
Mark built me a shelf for this spot so I moved it over the love seat.

Here 's the only picture I could find of it over the love seat.

It was fine. But it was ....well, kinda.,,,ugly.
It's the one I was talking about tearing up and making a chalkboard.
I thought of something better.
I read on a post how she made a large family picture for only $8.
I took my black and white photo to Staples had it printed on a 2x3 regular paper,
not photo paper, and it was only .......$3.27!!
I took the oil painting out of the frame.
Painted the frame black with paint I already had and stuck the photo on with glue dots.

Put it back in the frame and now I have this...

It turned out really, really great!!
I love it.
It looks beautiful right there.
Long story .....short.

I will definitely be doing this again.
Here's some tips:
You have to print in black and white.
Color would have cost me $40.
Also gluing the paper photo on will make it wrinkle.
You have to use a good camera to take the picture with.
My is not pix elated at all, but it was taken with a friend's fancy camera.

Be on the lookout for big, chunky frames.

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