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Thursday, July 11

the park = energy output

Last week, I took the kids to the park.
We just had to get OUT of the house.
You know?
 I was stressing about VBS planning
and the kids were beginning to annoy each other.
It's amazing how just getting outside can change our moods.

Meredith likes to be outside, but she can't get down really.
I'm not letting her crawl around in the mulch or on the dirty concrete.
So she may or may not have had as much fun as the rest of them
But we did go inside the library and I let her go crazy in there.
The librarian was happy about that, I'm sure.
Kids have SO much energy. Can't be still. Can't be quiet.
Just go, go, go and talk, talk, talk.
My kids need ways to get all that energy out.
One night Mark was trying to get Maddox to settle down for bed, Maddox pointed above his head and said, "When I wake up my energy is up to here and when I go to bed my energy is only right to here." (pointing to his chest)  We need his energy to be down to his toes for him to lay down.
So some days, you just have to run around the park for awhile.

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