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Tuesday, November 12


I love Halloween.
I think it's so fun to plan the costumes, dress up
and take them trick or treating.
We start planning..well, we never really stop planning.
At least I don't! I am always thinking about what cute,
unique costume we could have for the next year.
I like things that are different.
Something that there won't be 50 of out there trick or treating.
Like witches. (insert picture of Emma from last year)
I couldn't get around that one. I had put it off for 2 years.
So I caved. I also don't really like the scary costumes.
Zombies, vampires, ugly creatures and such.
Maddox wanted to be the Headless Horseman.
He has NO idea who or what that is.
He just thought it sounded scary.
I wasn't going to let him be anything scary.
I figured Hulk would be scary enough for Mer, but
she didn't mind the face paint at all. Even the mask on
others didn't bother her (for this year).
Granted Annie, Luigi, The Incredible Hulk,
and a black cat are not exactly thinking out of the box,
but I didn't see any other Annies! I did see a few Luigis and Hulks.
Luigi was everywhere last year.
But characters are always good in my opinion.
My only attempt at all 4 in the same picture.
Emma did a great Annie.
I asked her if she wanted to be
dirty, orphan Annie or rich, daddy warbucks Annie.
She's a sucker for a new locket!
The boys costumes were from the dress up box.
easy. I do like easy.
Tanner wore this same one last year and unless
Luigi is expecting a flood soon, he will need to pick
something else for next year!  Maddox decided last minute.
We lost the Hulk mask so I tried my hand at face painting with
the help of Google and he liked how it turned out.
Then there is this sweet face.
She loved that I was drawing on her face.
She stared at herself in the mirror.
And she thought Tanner Luigi's mustache was so interesting.
She kept following him around peeking at his face.
Watch out! Bad Kitty!
Her costume was just black clothes with a tail pinned on,
some kitty ear headband and face paint.
I made these ghostly milk jugs again this year.
I like them. They are fun and do create some light
for the trick or treaters. I made them once before a few
years ago then trashed them. This time, I kept them!
Mostly because we now have that nice loft space in the garage.
Mer helped me with them.
My sweet nieces in their costumes.
We love having family and friends over on Halloween.
Some don't have great neighborhoods for trick or treating so
going together is fun! This is a 'thing' we have created
that all the cousins now look forward to! Great memories.
Here's the whole crowd for the night!
13 trick or treaters!!
Love it!
Oh, can't forget Popeye and Olive Oil!
Amanda was trying to photo bomb.
I bought these costumes two years ago for us to
wear last year, but last year I just had a baby and Olive Oil is
skinny. Last year that was not happening.
I already know what I would like Emma to be next year!!
It's so unique. I 'm excited!


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