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Sunday, December 15

Random facts

We have up 4 trees plus a small one for Mer.
I would like to add 2 more.

I am still not done Christmas shopping.
Kids are done. Mark is done. I still need about 4 more things.

Mark hasn't bought me anything, yet.

We had problems with Christmas lights working this year.

I can't wait to buy new Christmas decorations the day after Christmas!

My new tree next year will be white and gold.

We have a red tree, a candy tree and a blue and silver tree.

I love Christmas and gift giving.

Emma made paper snowflakes. They are so beautiful.

I hope it snows on Christmas.

Our niece just turned 13!  Emma will nine in January.

Only 5 days of school until a long 2 week break.

God is good and I know HE has planned this week ahead for me.

Mark is off on Thursday and Friday.

Emma is playing piano at church on Sunday. It's super small, but I'm excited for her.

I need some good books read! I haven't been into one since October.

Do you keep going back to the store the closer it gets to Christmas and buying one more thing?
I do. That's how they get you. I know, I know it's not about presents, but you're only a kid once and we study and learn about JESUS daily. So there. My kids get too much.

Emma and Maddox are fighting. Emma is very emotional today. and over reacting. and emotional and no wonder. She's had enough of Maddox though he has been really sweet lately. Not necessarily to HER.  They play SO well together and then BOOM! fighting. I don't mind the fighting (arguing), because it's normal. I do NOT like the she's lying, he's lying, blah, blah, blah stuff.

Maddox may be a lawyer one day. He argues about ev.ery.thing. Exhausting.

My cousin Emy gave me TWO real boxwood wreaths and I LOVE them. They are so pretty.

We made a gingerbread house today. That's our 3rd one.

Our elf actually did one funny thing. He ate some of the gingerbread house. That's all I got.
The elf is tired at bedtime.

Cookie business is CrAzZZYYyy this month!! Oh my goodness. I was seriously dreaming about cookies last night.

Meredith pretends to brush her teeth and spit. It's so funny. We all crack up at her, so she does it more.

Report cards after Christmas break. Emma is hoping for an A in math so she can get her ears pierced.

Every time the kids have pajama day at school. I buy them new pajamas. I have to shop before Friday.

Survivor Finale is on tonight! I LOVE that show.

Mark put all the kids to bed. Love him. Best dad/husband ever.

I hate winter. Minus snow on Christmas, of course.

How much do you go to the grocery store? I hate going! But we are always out of something and most of the time we are out of LOTS. Our family eats a lot of food.

I need a huge pantry with and a grocery shopper deliverer.  That would be awesome.

My computer keeps going to sleep because I am watching the tv more.
I will be sleeping soon too.

9 days til Christmas!!


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